Top 10 Non-Electronic Gift Ideas for Boys 4-7

We have three children, ages 3 – 6, and we intentionally limit their screen time. As Christmas approaches, allow us to recommend some of our boys’ favorite non-electronic toys as gifts you may want to consider for the children in your life. If you’re like me, you’ve noticed that kids can become very addicted to […]

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Last night Titus slept well again. He woke up once, but fell back asleep on his own. I woke him up at 6:45 to start our morning routine. His skin looked good this morning, and even his face was better. Last night we had tried no head wrap, and that seemed to work well. We […]

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It’s hard to believe tomorrow is our last day here. It has been so nice working with many doctors and nurses who understand Titus’ condition and have so much experience with it. Today we said goodbye to Titus’ nurse Emily. She was his nurse everyday except one, and tomorrow is her day off. There is […]

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National Jewish Health, Saturday

We get the weekend off from the hospital. It is nice to have a little break, but we are excited to start food challenges Monday. Last night went pretty well, although we did forget to get head wrap supplies from the hospital. Luckily we had one wrap from home, plus a ski cap we could […]

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Titus and I (Matthew) had an ok night at the hospital. I made sure to use the bathroom before Linda and Mariya left as it would be pretty much impossible once I was the only one with Titus. I wasn’t looking forward to diaper changes either as they usually take at least two people when […]

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We had a pretty rough night last night with the two babies in one room waking each other up. I think our hosts also had a rough night, as some of them still hadn’t gotten up by the time we left the house. 🙁 We arrived at NJH at 8:30 and checked in. We saw […]

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Safe in Denver

Thank you all for your prayers as we flew from Portland to Denver today. Everything went well and we are settled in Denver at the home of some family friends. They have made us feel very welcome and at home. The day started at 5:30 am with both babies screaming. They soon fell asleep again […]

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